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Why Choose Yaonology?

Real-Time Market Data

Yaonology algorithm integrates the US economic data and automatically analyzes the market data and stock price 24/7 in real-time.

Beginner Friendly

Trading Beginner? No worry. Yaonology simply provides the buying and selling points. Our social media share the weekly economic analysis


Yaonology algorithm builds up the stop-loss point for every trading to control risk and protect the asset.​

Backtesting report

The great backtesting gives us a confidence to employ it going forward. Yaonology backtesting report is transparent in tradingview.com.

Beat the Benchmark

After the Yaonology Algorithm training, Yaonology can get higher profit and lower risk than the benchmark.

Live Alert

Yaonology Algorithm has the trading alerts. The alerts are immediate notification through computer, email, smart phone APP, or webhook.

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What People Say

I’ve been in the encrypto currency market for a while. Never saw a better tool than yaonology on managing the risks. If you are also a bitcoin believer but feel the pain of all the sudden drops, this is definitely what you want to try.
The algorithm is so great!!! I heard algorithm trading strategies for many years, but have no chance to try. Thanks for Yaonology providing a 30-day free trial for SP500 EFT. It’s straightforward to use, and the backtesting beats the benchmark. Before using algorithm strategy, I am always unconfident and afraid of my own trading decision. However, the algorithm helps me to overcome the fear in my mind. I get the confidence, and then I get the profit.

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About Yaonology

Founded in 2018, Yaonology has quickly earned a stellar reputation in the industry as a top Algorithmic Trading Company. We’ve launched our SPY Algorithmic Trading Strategy and Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading Strategy in Tradingview. Yaonology strategies integrate economic data, financial report and technical analysis. If you are interested in programming trading strategies, join us and sign up the membership today.


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