Best Way To Trade S&P500 And Bitcoin

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June 19, 2020

Best way to trade S&P500 and Bitcoin

Many wonder what S&P500 and bitcoin are and how to trade them. Below is the basic concept of what and how for the S&P500 and bitcoin!

What is S&P500?

The S&P500 (Standard & Poor’s 500) is a stock market index that combines the 500 largest and most powerful companies in the United States. Many of them are technology firms and financial businesses such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and so on. The S&P500 is based on market-capitalization-weighted to value the 500 largest U.S. companies. It is managed by the financial rating agency Standard & Poor’s which is the American credit rating agency. The companies change in value, so the companies will be replaced when the value drops.     

How to trade S&P500?

There are several instruments available to trade the S&P500, but people usually cannot trade it directly. In general, people trade S&P500 by using CFDs or contracts for difference. 

Yaonology recommends Robinhood as your trading platform. It is easy to operate on the Robinhood. This platform does not have a commission fee, but they will earn between the price difference. For example, if the trading price is 293.5, then the Robinhood platform will receive 294 from you automatically.

*If you are foreign students, the Robinhood requires SSN to trade. So, if you do not have SSN, you can still use the same trading method from your original country. 

How to trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a popular topic in the investment field currently. Bitcoin trades on its buy and sells prices which is the same as the traditional ones. The below picture shows the trading signals for the bitcoin. Blue is a buying point and pink is the selling point. The trading process is the same as the S&P500 and to set alert for the signals. We also recommend Robinhood as your trading platform. 

Best Way To Trade S&P500 And Bitcoin
Source: Yaonology

Yaonology provides different algorithmic trading strategies and trading signals for S&P500 and Bitcoin. Our trading strategies are established in TradingView. Yaonology uses the 25 years of historical data to create the S&P500 strategy and 5 years of historical data for the bitcoin strategy. We deliver S&P500 signals at 4:02 PM and bitcoin signals at 8 PM, indicating the appropriate selling or buying point. Our clients trade by following our trading signals. Our signals are valid for 24 hours. 

If you want to start to get our trading signals, please start our 30-day free trial and set the alert on TradingView to start an easy investment life!

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