Bitcoin Algorithmic
Trading Strategy

Yaonology Bitcoin Strategy provides you buy / sell signals that are supplemented by 5 years of trading data, helping you gain higher profit with lower risks in Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Strategy


Annual Average Return Beats the Benchmark at 45.87%
The average annual return (AAR) is a percentage used when reporting the historical return, such as the three-, five-, and 10-year average returns of a mutual fund. The average annual return is stated net of a fund's operating expense ratio.


Profit Percentage Over 70%
Profit margin is one of the commonly used profitability ratios to gauge the degree to which a company or a business activity makes money. It represents what percentage of sales has turned into profits.


Profit Factor Over 4
The profit factor simply is the ratio between gross profits and gross losses. In trading, it’s essential to ensure that you have a profit factor that isn’t too low, in order to leave room for strategy degradation, which is inevitable.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency decentralized by blockchain technology that is instant, private and free from bank fees. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology, to which our bitcoin strategy focuses on its exchange rate over USD. At Yaonology, we conduct back-testing in our modeling on 5-year historical data.

Yaonology Bitcoin algorithm trading strategy is tested using 5-year historical trading data for model accuracy and performance optimization. The average number of days of transactions for Yaonology Bitcoin strategy is 29 days. The alert time for SPY is at 8:00 PM EST after the stock market closes.

Research Risk Factors

Yaonology algorithms takes full consideration of the macro-economic environment by researching potential risky economic factors.

Integrate Economic Data

Yaonology algorithms integrate the US economic data and sentiment data to improve model performance.

Backtesting the Algorithm

Yaonology algorithms tested and optimized models using 25 years of trading data for SPY Algorithm Strategy.

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