Algorithmic Trading is not exclusive for a senior investor

Beginner's Guide - Algorithmic Trading is not exclusive for a senior investor

Already have a steady income but want to get more sources of income? Investment by algorithmic trading strategy must be your first choice! People who have many years of experience in the investment market know how to make their money work for them and to expand their wealth. 

However, many people may ask, “I am an investment beginner. I am not at the same level of knowledge as the senior investors. What should I do?”

Whether you are a rookie investor or a senior investor, the investment strategy developed by the Yaonology team is suitable for everyone. For an introduction to Algorithmic Trading, see our previous article: Beginner’s Guide – Choosing an Algorithmic Trading.


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Why Algorithmic Trading is not exclusive for the senior investor.

  • Investment knowledge: If you don’t have investment knowledge, but you are in the stock market, then you are a gambler, not an investor. There are tons of market news and economic data every day. It’s hard for a solo investor to absorb all the information.
  • Programming Skill: The most significant feature of algorithmic trading is the act of buying and selling for investors through pre-written programs. When there is a buying or selling point, the algorithm will trade by itself or send a notification through email or text.

It spends ten years of Yao’s bloom age to be an expert in these two skills. Therefore, you may say that you are an investment beginner, I don’t have any financial knowledge at all, or I can’t write a program-assisted transaction at all. What should I do?

Don’t worry, algorithmic trading strategies designed by Yaonolgy not only developed by excellent coding skills to analyze the economic and financial data to determine the bull or bear market but also automated trading by webhook or sent alert to your email, text or APP. Hence, only what you have to is to choose a brokerage and know how to buy and sell. We are not kidding. 

According to the backtesting report, it only needs small investment, and get huge profits in the future. Thus, as long as you invest your money in the right financial method, you can obtain greater benefits. Investment management should be part of life. As long as the risk is well controlled, anyone can make financial investments.

To find out how Yanonology uses algorithmic trading on SPY and Bitcoin, click on the link at the top of the page to find out.

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