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In the past week, what happened to the US economy? Want to know what economics the US has this week? Want to learn American finance but don’t know how to start? Let’s Read Chart, and Learn Economic.

Yaonology have helped you sort out the 5 major economic events that you must know about in the United States.

1. Jobs Report

The US unemployment rate is 3.7% at historically low levels in August. The 18th consecutive month unemployment rate below 4%.

U.S. unemployment rate

The US employers added 130,000 nonfarm jobs in August.

In addition, the federal government hired 28,000 workers in August, the biggest jump since 2010, due to temporary hiring for the 2020 Census.  However, private corporates hiring is slowing down.

Every 10 years, the federal government hires temporary employees for the Census.

Global Manufacturing PMI is a leading factor for US manufacturing employment.

Will the manufacturing employment continue to slow down? Let’s keep focusing on Manufacturing PMI.

Global manufacturing and US jobs

And, the Central Bank monetary policy is the leading factor for Global PMI. Therefore, focus on the Central Bank monetary policy, and Yaonology will keep reporting the instant news.

Central Bank monetary policy influences Global PMI

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2. Student Loan

The Student Loan is near to $1.5 trillion in 2019 Q2. In May 2018, the U.S. Department for Education announced the student loan forgiveness program. However, 99% of student loan borrowers, who applied for this program, have been rejected.

Source: Forbes 99% Rejected For Student Loan Forgiveness, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

3. Real Estate Market

Oversea investors sold more U.S. commercial real estate than they bought in 2019 Q2.

According to a Reuters report, if there is a recession, some housing markets may be riskier than others.

Housing Market Forecast based on Oxford Economic Model. The real investment in private housing will be negative in 2019 and 2020.

Source: Reuters A recession may hit some U.S. metros worse than other, The Wall Street Journal Overseas Investors Unload U.S. Real Estate, Deloitt US Economic Forecast 2019 Q2.

Other World Economic Events You Must Know

4. Germany Economic

Economists are forecasting that might be a recession in Germany.

Source: Eurostat

5. Durable Goods Inventories/Sales Ratio

Durable Goods Inventories/Sales Ratio records the highest level since the 2008 recession.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Keep an eye on Yaonology.com and give you the most immediate economic news.

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