TradingView is a financial visualization platform with basic price charts, plotting complex spread symbols with overlaid strategy backtesting. TradingView is also the community that traders and investors discuss trading ideas and place live orders. It’s free to apply basic account, which means you don’t have to double pay to Tradingview.com and Yaonology.

TradingView is a platform and Yaonology builds its own trading strategy on TradingView platform. Yaonology gives authority to our members to access our strategies on Tradingview Platform. All the backtesting reports of Yaonology Strategies are public and visible on the Tradingview script platform.

Yaonology SPY Algorithm: Long and Short
Yaonology Bitcoin Algorithm: Only Long
Each bar means one day. We are not a day trader. Yaonology mostly provides long swing trades. The average holding period is 37 trading days.

Yes, but not for all brokerages. Yaonology programming trading strategies are based on Tradingview.com platform, which means that you can connect Yaonology programming trading strategies to the brokerage, which can be supported in the TradingView Web Platform.

The easiest way is that you can set the alarms for buying and selling point of Yaonology Strategies, then you trade yourself. Typically, it usually takes only 5 minutes for each trade.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription membership anytime on My Account -> Membership.


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2015: 12.13%
2016: 10.25%
2017: 18.69%
2018: 7.12%
2019: 12.71%


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