Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

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The simplest way to explore the TradingView Website for the beginner

How to register, use, and set alert to the beginners step by step for the TradingView.

After understanding what is algorithmic trading, Yaonology is going to introduce what is TradingView website for the beginner this time. Moreover, this article will introduce how to register, use, and set alert to beginners step by step.

TraddingView is an easy use financial visualization platform. This website provides basic price charts or plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting. It is a network for traders and investors to discuss ideas.

Are you ready to create a TradingView account to learn more knowledge for financial information?

Yaonology is going to introduce you how it works! Let’s do it together!!!

First, getting into the TradingView website page, and you will see the following page. Then, click join for free where the right red circle is in this below the picture.

Second, click ticker to choose more investment accounts that are interested in you. Please choose PEOPLE in this part. (Which located in the left circle)

Third, please type Yaonology in the search bar. (Which located in the middle red square)

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

Searching for Yaonology, and please follow us!!!

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

Yaonology will provide you investment strategies after following us. When you keep browsing our platform, you will find out many useful strategies from Yaonology. Therefore, do not hesitate to follow us and gain more knowledge of investment!

Moreover, there are two important parts to introduce.

IDEAS: Yaonology is here to share a few LONG and SHORT concepts, and even provides a version of EDUCATION for users to try.

SCRIPTS: Yaonolog is proud of its product strategy, which is a strategy we have repeatedly introduced in the past, using programming to write ideas into code and let it calculate for investment.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

After understanding the basic operation, Yaonology will show you how to use TradingView to see indicators. Please click Chart from Yaonology. Please see the following picture.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

After getting into the page, please click indicators.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

Next, please type SPY in the search bar from the top left corner (left red square from the below picture). Next, type Yaonology in the search bar (middle red square), then you will see Yaonology Spy Strategy (right red square) and click on it.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

After getting into the page, the investors can see sell and buy points and the current situation like the chart below.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!


Regular membership from TradingView can choose 3 indicators. If you would like to see more than 3, you could pay for the membership and become premium account users.

Yaonology suggests the new users can start from free members and start to learn how to use it from 3 indicators!

Last, Yaonology is going to teach how to set Alert on the TradingView so that investors can receive information reminder immediately.

Back to Indicator icon and click on it again, search Yaonology and click Yaonology SPY Strategy Alerts as follow picture.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

Next, click Alert, which has a clock icon located in the red circle as follows picture.

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

After clicking the Alert, the chart will pop up. Then, let Yaonology tell you how to finish the table!

Condition session: First row, choose Yaonoogy one

                                  Second row, choose All-in-one-Signal

Options session: Choose Once Per Bar Close

Expiration time: Choose two months after the day (regular user limit)

Alert Actions: You can select by your preference

Then, click on Create

You are all set when you see the same thing in the red circle in the below picture!

Explore TradingView with Yaonology!

Hopefully, the beginner will understand more about how to use TradingView!!


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