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Learn how to code moving average strategy, and KDJ indicator to analyze and predict changes in stock trends and price patterns using pine script in Tradingview.


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Moving Average Strategy

strategy("Yaonology Moving Average Tutoring", overlay=true, default_qty_type= strategy.percent_of_equity ,default_qty_value=100, currency=currency.USD, initial_capital=10000, commission_type=strategy.commission.percent, commission_value=0)
fst = input(title = “MA_Fast”, defval = 20) slw = input(title = “MA_Slow”, defval = 40) ma_fast = sma(close, fst) ma_slow = sma(close, slw) plot(ma_fast, color = plot(ma_slow, color =   if ma_fast > ma_slow          strategy.entry(id = “ma_long”, long = true)   if ma_slow > ma_fast         strategy.close(id = “ma_long”)

KDJ Indicators

// KDJ Indicators
strategy(“Yaonology KDJ Indicators Tutorial”, overlay=false, default_qty_type = strategy.percent_of_equity, default_qty_value = 100, currency = currency.USD, initial_capital = 10000, commission_type = strategy.commission.percent, commission_value = 0) prd = input(9, title=”period”) sgnl = input(3, title=”signal”) v(s,l,m) => v = 0.0 v := (m*s+(l-m)*nz(v[1]))/l c = close h = highest(high, prd) l = lowest(low,prd) RSV = 100*((c-l)/(h-l)) K = v(RSV, sgnl, 1) D = v(K, sgnl, 1) J = 3 * K-2 * D plot(K, color = plot(D, color = plot(J, color = if (K < 20 and D < 20 and J < 20 and K > D and K[1] < D[1]) or (J > 0 and J[1] < 0)           strategy.entry(id = “kd”, long = true) if (K > 80 and D > 80 and J > 80 and K < D and K[1] > D[1]) or (J < 100 and J[1] > 100)            strategy.close(id = “kd”)  

Basic Concept



The function sets a number of strategy properties
Example strategy(“Yaonology Moving Average Tutoring”, overlay=true, default_qty_type= strategy.percent_of_equity, default_qty_value = 100, currency = currency.USD, initial_capital = 10000, commission_type = strategy.commission.percent, commission_value = 0)
Details overlay:
  • true: the plot would be added as an overlay for the main series
  • false: the plot would be added on a separate chart pane.
  • default_qty_type
  • strategy.fixed: fixed quantity by default
  • specified in the currency of the symbol and the amount is converted into quantity
  • strategy.percent_of_equity: % of currently available equity
  • default_qty_value
  • Number of contracts if strategy.fixed is used
  • Amount of cash in currency if is used
  • Number of percents of currency if strategy.percent_of_equity is used
  • currency
  • Initial_capital
  • the amount of initial capital
  • commission_type
  • strategy.commission.percent: a percentage of the cash volume of order
  • strategy.commission.cash_per_contract: money displayed per contract
  • strategy.commission.cash_per_order: money displayed per order
  • commission_order
  • Number of Percentage or money, depending on the commision_type selected


User can see and edit inputs on the Format Object dialog of the script study
Example fst = input(title = “MA_Fast”, defval = “20”)
Details title title of the input defval default value of the input valuable


The sma function returns the moving average
Example ma_fast = sma(close, fst)
Details source(series) close : close price open: open price high: highest price lowe: lowest price length(integer) Number of bars


Plots a series of data on the chart
Example plot(ma_fast, color =
Details source(series) Series of data to be plotted color color of the plot. color = color = #ff001a color = close >= open ? :


It is a command to enter market position
Example strategy.entry(id = “ma_long”, long = true)
Details id A required parameter. The order identifier. long true: the strategy.entry for long false: the strategy.entry for short


It is a command to exit from the entry with the specified ID.
Example strategy.close(id = “ma_long”)
Details id A required parameter. The order identifier.

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