Understand the Difference Between Manual and Algorithmic Trading In The Best Way ​

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May 22, 2020

Understand The Difference Between Manual And Algorithmic Trading In The Best Way

Many wonder the difference between manual and algorithmic trading. Below we explained why some people prefer algorithmic trading over manual trading! 

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is an automated trading system that allows traders to establish automatic entries and exits. Around 75% of traders use automatic trading systems. Traders can set precise entry, exit, and money management rules into automated trading systems to execute and monitor the trades.  

The algorithmic trading methodology requires users to write programming language in the platform to set up the automatically trades. Many traders program their own indicators and strategies and work closely with the programmer to develop their systems. The following illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of algorithmic trading.


  • Minimizing emotions –  Since the trading orders are executed automated, traders usually stick to the plan during trading processes. They trade in every possible opportunity without hesitation.
  • Backtesting –  This is an approach to test strategies on historical data before live trading. Backtesting helps to evaluate strategies. 
  • Preserves discipline –  Automatic trading strategies ensure trading plans are set and will be followed without involving emotional investment decisions. 


  • Mechanical failures – If technical problems occur during trading processes, orders might not succeed. 
  • Over-optimization – Incorrect assumptions of trading plans. An investor can create a good model after backtesting but performs terribly in a live market.

What is Manual Trading?

Manual trading is a trading approach that depends on human decision-making to enter and exit the market. A manual trading strategy may refer to the algorithmic trading program; however, it will involve human emotion while buying and selling. Mostly, manual traders make decisions depends on their abilities and experiences. They have to avoid mistakes about the types, prices, and quantities when they want to make the trades. The following illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of manual trading.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Take advantage of market signals – Traders can select useful news such as competitors, natural disasters, investigation to companies, and so on to make the decisions that the system can’t. 


  • Behavioral influence – Trading decisions might be impacted by the human’s fear or greediness. 


Algorithmic and manual tradings have different benefits and limitations. Algorithmic trading is more stable and less emotional but has limited information for prediction. Manual trading depends on professional knowledge and predicts trends according to personal experiences. One may earn and lose great profits in a short amount of time. 


As a result, algorithmic trading strategies are more a safer option for beginners with limited time to research and gain knowledge in this field. They can start learning from following signals of different algorithmic trading strategies. 

The manual trading approach, on the other hand, is for those who have time to research and learn about the market from analyzing market trends.

Yaonology provides different algorithmic trading strategies and signals for S&P500 and Bitcoin. Our trading strategies are established in TradingView, a great platform for those who are interested in building your own strategies. If you’re curious how to code in Pine Script, follow the link here to find more tutorials!

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